Premium Quality

We have put an effort to give every customer maximum satisfaction with our premium quality vinyl Sticker. 

Industry Innovation

Our Vinyl Stickers consist of Premium Matte Finish Lamination molded with high quality new age adhesive which makes our stickers Residue Free even after years of usage This also allow it to be reused Many times.
The Material is Perfected over years of research which makes it Tough enough to handle any Weather/Scratchs and Sensitive enough to not ruin any of your favourite gadgets.

Excellent Service

We Thrive on Customer Satisfaction.

Something went wrong or have any doubts? With our amazing customer service, get your queries solved a few minutes.

Person to person assistance 

Timing 11.00 am to 5.00 pm 

Designs You Love

Kudos to our designers, R&D team- We have over 4000+ designs that are extremely relatable, seriously funny and absurdly quirky.

However, we are not stopping here, many more products and Designs to come

Over 3 Million+ Stickers Sold

We started In 2020 when all businesses were getting closed. People were in their homes all bored with their mundane accessories. We put our hands up to offer an absolute premium product. Which was loved right away by our customers.

Within a few months, we were the talk of the town. Months passed and we became India's largest Online Sticker-Selling online store. We take pride in saying that to date we have satisfied over 50 thousand customers  and 10 Lakh + stickers sold