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Let’s say that today's generation has been changed alot, changed as in when it comes to INDIA accepting western culture, a culture which started from 1839 and until now it’s been a big part for all of us, Now we all have been wondering HOW??? We all know that stickers are one of the most popular trends in the world of stationary and with the current trend it is only getting bigger, from adorable little stickers that can be used for any accessories to inspiration quotes to sticker sets that are filled with quirky cute and adorable stickers, It’s not just a trend it’s a new cool.

Now where can you exactly use STICK IT UP’s Stickers??

  • CARS

Laptop Stickers

Laptop stickers are perfect for anyone who likes to express themselves through their laptop. In such recent times when Laptops have become THE NECESSITY of Human Life, Stickers can be great to accessorize your laptop according to personality.

Just like your clothing defines your personality, Stickers helps you personalize your accessories and at the same time it is also rather easy to revamp your laptop by just changing the stickers once in a while as we have 1500+ designs to choose from, because our stickers are comes with Residue free removal which won't be leaving any kind of RESIDUE when removed. Laptop stickers can cover the entire top of laptop, preventing scratches and other damages, laptops are made for carrying them around and that is why they often tend to get marks, scratches, but everytime it is much easier to change the damaged laptop sticker, than to fix the laptop

Phone cover sticker

Bored using your same phone cover everyday?, or having any kind of thoughts of getting a new cover? Why not just Revamp it with your Premium Vinyl Stickers, well decorating your phone cover with stickers is a fun way to customize and personalize your phone in a new way, rather than getting a new phone cover. Personally we all love to show our creativity at some points, whether its a DIY or a school/college project, it's a fun thing because it just define the personality of our phone cover and ourselves

And best part all stickers are Reusable, Bored of that same sticker on your phone just Reuse it on your Laptop, Bottle, or probably any smooth surface you wish to.

Car’s Stickers

Are you a travel freak? Does Cars & Bikes entice you? If yes why not use some of your creative mind by giving your car a facelift ,We have Premium Vinyl stickers, Holographic Stickers, Reflective stickers with more that 1500+ designs to choose from, doesn’t matter if your car is old or new, stickers will give it a facelift it deserves, Best part it’s waterproof & UV- Proof so you can just stick it and forget it
We all know some people are so into their car’s that they are afraid to show their creative mind on their vehicles, well there’s nothing to be worried of, with a perfect adhesive vinyl stickers, you won't be ever worrying about your cars to be damaged. All you need is a beautifully inspired quote sticker for your car, which can make you feel even more excited for your trip. A perfect sunset sticker for your perfect sunset drive

Journal Sticker

Sometimes you just need a break from life, put your feet up, relax, get lost in your thoughts and writing it down, but than why not decorating and expressing your thoughts using stickers, OFCOURSE Journal sticker would be a match to decorate your journal, All we need is some beautiful aesthetic stickers which includes good amount of adhesive and the material made of vinyl, The best part about decorating your journal is you can decorate it with inside and out, either way it will be the prettiest thing you ever see

There are not just 4 stuffs you can use stickers on, you can use stickers anywhere and everywhere, whether it's your fridge, washing machine, office workplace and probably any smooth surface you can think of.



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